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Kushcon 2022 In Review

Kushcon 2022 was a great convention with so much to offer. Here is Baked in Florida’s experience!

What’s a Kief Lime Pie kookie ™? What’s a “kookie”?

Kief Lime Pie are quickly becoming everyones favorite, and for good reasons. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes on what went into the journey of finding the perfect combination of hemp and flavors to create this elevated treat!

About Our Bakery

To Bake, or get Baked?
That is the question!

We cater to those who enjoy baking as well as those who enjoy getting baked! Baked in Florida, LLC is the culmination of this disabled veteran’s affection for baked goods and good times.

Our team works tirelessly to identify the best hemp-based products, most reliable brands, and unique items to elevate your experience(s).

The more our friends and family came to us for tasty treats and best recommendations, the more we found ourselves working to make Baked in Florida, LLC come to life.

We are absolutely thrilled our dream has become a reality and are proud to share our vision with you!

Join us and Get Baked!

100% Natural

Ingredients everyone recognizes, like real butter and key lime, make this Kookie a naturally delicious treat.

Directly From Our Community

In pursuit of operating sustainably, our Kookies are made from scratch in a certified, communal commercial kitchen right here in Tallahassee FL.

Best Quality

From our Kookies to our merchandise, all of our products were created with superior quality in mind.