Wholesale Information

Interested in selling the best tasting edible on the market?

We are delighted to know that you are interested in carrying Kief Lime Pie Kookies™! Please download, fill out, and email the wholesaler application to [email protected] . Upon application approval, we will contact you and provide our wholesale pricing as soon as possible.

Join us and Get Baked!

Why Choose Us

Reputable Brands

At Baked in Florida LLC, we set ourselves apart by curating a selection of hemp-derived Delta-8 products from reputable brands that have been extensively tested and researched rather than offering so many options that it’s difficult to find what works best for you.


Getting Baked Never Looked So Good

In addition to our selections that will help you “Get Baked”, our inedible offerings are a great way to share your support for the Baked in Florida LLC family and look great doing so.

Our selection is constantly changing as we design and procure new and interesting items that are sure to stand out.


Eliminate The Guessing Game

The guessing game is over. We’ve identified trusted brands and products that lead to a better experience for our customers. You can be confident that any item that catches your attention was something that caught our eye too. Great minds think alike after all!


Incomparable Customer Service

Most importantly, we are a small, veteran owned business that is committed to providing incomparable customer service and superior quality products. This is our passion and it’s hardly work when you love what you do!