What’s a Kief Lime Pie kookie ™? What’s a “kookie”?

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Kief Lime Pie Kookies™ and its delicious ingredients.

Our Kief Lime Pie kookie™ is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite, and for good reason. Here’s a rundown on what went into the journey of finding the perfect combination of hemp and flavor to create this elevated treat!

It’s almost impossible to not notice the recent fervor surrounding the seemingly overnight appearance of hemp-derived Delta-8 CBD products in smoke shops and convenience stores and we decided to jump on board the train. We believe our kookie is the tastiest hemp-derived Delta-8 CBD containing edible on the market and we’re staking our potential success on it. It’s really as simple as giving them a taste and you’ll see what we mean.

Let’s address the term “kookie”. A “kookie” is any cookie that will have hemp-derived CBD and offer a psychoactive effect. It’s a simple way to alert people to the fact that the cookie they may be checking out ain’t their grandma’s cookie; that is, unless their grandma was way ahead of the curve.

Our Kief Lime Pie kookie™ is the perfect treat for a summer day at home, spending time in the garden or by the pool. The key lime and white chocolate flavors will instantly take you somewhere tropical. In true Florida fashion, this kookie offers more than meets the eye. With the addition of hemp-derived Delta-8 CBD, your day can be transformed to maximize relaxation and jump-start creative thoughts that will no doubt bring joy to your being.

Carefully measured and legally compliant hemp-derived Delta-8 CBD distillate is homogenized into the cookie batter prior to baking to ensure a consistent and predictable product. In fact, all of our hemp-derived Delta-8 CBD containing products have an associated Certificate of Analysis (COA) to share third party laboratory analysis results with anyone.

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