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There may be 1000 ways to skin a cat, but there’s just as many ways to ruin an edible experience. Don’t skin cats and eat your edible the right way.

Diving into the world of cannabis edibles can be a bit intimidating for the uninitiated, but with the right approach and plan, your relaxation session will be fully realized. Edibles are our forte’ so we found it prudent to share some of what we’ve learned over the years that have allowed us to utilize the best that cannabis has to offer and minimize the potential of a bad time. Your mileage may vary, so take these anecdotal tips and tricks for what they are. This commentary is limited to the perceived effects of hemp derived Delta-8 THC edibles.

Does the method by which an edible is infused change the effect it has? In our experience, most likely, yes. We’ve tried items infused with canna-butter, pure isolate, and even dry-sprayed and can confidently say there are nuances in the effects you may encounter. On the most basic level, we would contend that oil-infused items (those items utilizing a canna-butter or olive-oil infusion) tend to have a stronger upswing once the effects start kicking in and a fairly quick downswing after the peak. In contrast to the isolate and dry-sprayed items, which tend to have a slower build up but seem to stick around a bit longer. It was our preference to infuse our kookies utilizing an oil element in order to keep with the more traditional effects associated with edibles.

Stronger is better, right? Absolutely not! Cannabis infused edibles should always be approached with the thought in mind that you can always add more but cannot reduce the effects once activated. It is always in your best interest to try a lower dose and work your way into the strength that works for you. This does not mean eat an edible, wait 30 minutes, then eat more. The best approach is to try some portion of the item and see what the effects are. Then, on another day, try a larger dose to dial in closer to the desired effects. While it’s currently all the rage to test the limits of how strong an edible can be, it’s a recipe for a very uncomfortable experience. We disagree with that fad, so we limit our kookies to 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-8 infused per cookie in order to provide an option for those people that don’t want to rocket into space but would rather enjoy the relaxing effects of THC.

What if it’s stronger than I anticipated and now I’m uncomfortable? That’s ok, it happens! The good news is that you are experiencing an uncomfortable situation that has happened to plenty of people and you will make it through! This usually happens if one takes too large a dose, mixes the edible with alcohol use, or eats it on an empty stomach while dehydrated. These are all more so caused by not planning appropriately and not respecting the consequences of flippant THC use. Before indulging in a cannabis infused edible, be sure that you are somewhere safe, in a good head space, have an activity planned, and PLENTY of snacks and water. If you find yourself experiencing more of an effect than intended, it’s very helpful to sit down somewhere comfortable, have a few salty or sweet snacks, and drink water. Some people contend that sweet fruit juices help while others will say eat candy. I’m partial to fruit juices, but you may find that you drink more than you meant to since it’s so delicious! In the same way it’s irresponsible to consume 5 liquor shots in rapid succession to “get buzzed”, it’s a bad idea to consume a large dose edible to “relax”.

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